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Loyalty Group, New Caledonia

Loyalty Group, New Caledonia

Trip Ports of Call Dates Days
171 Ouvea Jul 25 - Aug 3, 2016 10
"There's no better place to experience the Pacific with a taste of France than New Caledonia, where Melanesian tradition blends with French sophistication. This mix of the chic yet casual, très French but ultimately Pacific comes together with peerless élan in Noumea, the cosmopolitan capital. Dining out and shopping run the gamut from gourmet restaurants to humble roulottes, from Chinatown's colourful shops to the expensively elegant, air-conditioned boutiques on rue de Sébastopol. When you leave the capital, the urban scenery gives way to a wealth of changing landscapes - the rolling plains of la brousse (the bush), lush river valleys, steep mountains coursed by tumbling waterfalls, cool rainforests and wild coastlines."-- Lonely Planet Intro

We haven't sailed through New Caledonia since two brief trips in 2003 and 2004 on our way to and from Vanuatu. But I've always wanted to return. Noumea is a proper city, with sophisticated French restaurants and luxury bungalow style hotels looking out on the great Pacific. Grand Ville, the largest island in the chain is 250 miles long and is completely encircled by a barrier reef (the largest on Earth), with the entire lagoon navigable. This means protected anchorages everywhere we go, and many, many possibilities for fantastic surfing and kitesurfing. Stunning vistas, gorgeous food, endless opportunities for exploration, New Caledonia will not disappoint! On this fifth voyage in the archipelago we'll begin at the stunning Ouvea atoll in the Loyalty group which just really looks like a place we should stay awhile. A thin strip of coast on the windward side will provide blissful anchorages, and a long perimeter reef on the leeward side will no doubt provide endless snorkeling, kiting- and hopefully surfing opportunities. For those looking for a mellow trip filled with blissful long days of kiting, a wee bit of sailing, great food and awesome underwater scenery, this one is hard to beat.

New Caledonia- where marine treasures of all shapes and sizes lie waiting to be discovered - canyons and caves, exquisite coral, the smallest of tropical fish, turtles, sea snakes and sharks. Dolphin and whale spotting are other delights in store, or simply the luxury of total relaxation on the soft, warm sand of a deserted isle. -- Lonely Planet

Getting there: International flights to Noumea are offered on several different airlines, including Air France. We suggest spending a night or two in Noumea to see the city and dive into the French cuisine on either the front or back end of the trip. Then you can take a flight out to Ouvea for the start of the trip (please arrive before noon if possible on the start day posted). Then you'll need another one-way flight back from Ouvea airport to Noumea anytime in the morning on the last day of the trip.
  • Great flatwater kiting
  • Great provisioning
  • Island time
  • Reef exploration
  • Reliable wind
  • Stunning islands
  • Probably not great waves
Air67.8 F
Water73.8 F
Mean Avg Wind10 ESE
Miles< 50

Cabin 1 - Rawleigh Ralls - Guests: Guest
Cabin 3 - Rawleigh Ralls - Guests: Guest
Cabin 4 - Rawleigh Ralls - Guests: Guest

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