The Cabrinha Quest - An Ocean Odyssey
Please note: reservations to join The Cabrinha Quest can only be made by Club Members of the Ocean Odyssey LLC. If however there are cabins open on our itinerary, feel free to enquire with us about joining the trip.

Club members please go here to make your booking.

Terms and Conditions

  • We will make every attempt to satisfy your trip requests.
  • We will send you an acknowledgement of your reservation within 7 days of receipt.
  • Please keep in touch via email with any questions, which will be answered promptly. SKY and CELESTIAL Members, your travel concierge will contact you directly
  • Your yearly fees include everything BUT: airfare, travel or accident insurance (a good idea), personal or communication expenses, special spirits (bring your own, but we try to maintain a well stocked bar), scuba diving, and crew tips (appreciated but not expected).
  • Please understand WE ARE NOT A SCHOOL AND DO NOT TRY TO BE. You or any of your guests should be able to stay upwind comfortably. SKY and CELESTIAL members- PLEASE let us know if you want a pro to join so we can make it happen.

Climate Care
As Members of The Cabrinha Quest, part of your yearly fees will go towards offsetting the carbon impact of your travel (flights, etc.) to and from Discovery. Don't worry- this is all handled by us. One more reason you can relax.

And we've just found this additional Visa Mapping tool. Check it out for comprehensive, up-to-date information.


Each leg begins and ends at 12 noon on the day stated in the schedule. Our arrival in the port of destination is generally one day early to allocate the necessary time for customs clearance and provide you time to reconfirm airline tickets, pack up, and do some exploring. It is unfortunately not possible to join the boat earlier than 12 noon, or stay later as the time between trips is needed for maintenance, crew breaks, and provisioning. Please plan on arriving at least 24 hours before the start of your voyage. Spend the night(s) in a hotel, so that you'll have a chance to get over jet lag and be well rested and acclimatized when you come aboard. This extra day(s) means less chance of holding up the start of the trip because of late flights or baggage. You may want to consider planning a night or more ashore at our destination, before flying home.

Concierge Service:

We are pleased to offer SKY and CELESTIAL members Travel /Concierge Services through our partner Aspen Travel Inc., which has been providing customized travel solutions out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming since 1983. SKY and CELESTIAL members also have a personal concierge, Audrey Sorensen to handle all your travel needs to and from Discovery, a very good friend of ours and someone who is intimately familiar with our operations. Audrey also lives in Jackson Hole.

Travel Insurance from TravelGuard ( can be obtained via Aspen Travel Inc. They will be happy to review the details and help you choose the coverage that best fits your needs.

Your first point of contact for all travel needs should be Audrey. She can be reached by cell at +1 307 690 8513 (please be considerate of time, she is on mountain time -6 GMT) or by email at

Aspen Travel Inc. standard business hours are 7:30am - 7:00pm (MST), Monday - Friday; 9:30am - 2:00pm, Saturday.

Phone: 307-733-7893 Toll Free: 800-223-4059

You can also email them through their website:

Mandatory Group Medical Insurance

We have arranged for a group plan for all members and guests of the expedition through Seven Corners Insurance. You will not be able to board unless you are signed on with this insurance in advance. Please take a moment to apply online. It takes just a few minutes and costs only a few dollars a day and WELL worth it. Ocean Odyssey Member Insurance

All the details of our customized Ocean Odyssey Travel Insurance for members and guests can be found here.

And Finally (if you haven't done so already):

Take this time to fill out the confidential Medical questionnaire. Review thoroughly and print the What to Bring list.

Points Reservation System

Our reservation system is a simple method which allows each member equal access to trips or times of the year in high demand. The more points you have, the higher priority you have when booking your "first choice" trip each year. You "acquire" points by a combination of three methods:
  1. Time of year: "low demand", "high demand", and "extreme demand"
  2. Trip choice: First, Second, Third, or "Other"
  3. SKY Members get 30 additional points year 1
  4. CELESTIAL Members get 50 additional points year 1
The more points you have going into a certain year gives you priority over another member with less points who wants the same trip. OCEAN members may be subject to Black Out dates. Here is the calendar for the 2010 season after choices were made (just as an example):

2010 Calendar

Time Period Points
Low Demand 20
High Demand 10
Extreme Demand -5
Choice Points
First 0
Second 10
Third 20
Other 30

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